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Meadow At Dusk Watercolour

Drawing/Art Posted on Fri, February 03, 2017 13:38:03

It is rare nowadays that I get out the paints
and pencils to do what I refer to as ‘traditional art.’ It’s the photography
and digital art the hog the limelight. My photos always receive more comments
and admiration than anything else and the digital art sells well. I have to be
honest due to lack of time and practise my traditional skills are not as good
as they were when I was a child or teen. Despite this I like to return to the
traditional side now and then anyway and recently I did so once again.

I have never produced a piece of watercolour
art that I was happy with until now. Perhaps I was a little more patient than
previous attempts. Perhaps I was lucky. I was partly inspired by the recent ‘Landscape
artist of the year’ programme on Sky because it showed that there is no ‘right
way’ to paint. Various approaches can produce varying results and you know
what, they’re all good.

To view my watercolour piece: ‘Meadow At Dusk’
please click here:

In reality the piece is only about 6×4, the
size of a standard photograph but I actually think it has translated well to
the numerous products offered by Redbubble. Of course I am biased.

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Siskin Bird

Drawing/Art Posted on Sat, July 16, 2016 07:29:19

Please check out my latest drawing, the Siskin bird:

I was lucky enough to see several of these birds last weekend at an RSPB reserve. The poor things were somewhat wet and bedraggled but were still absolutely adorable.

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Wedding Collection

Drawing/Art Posted on Wed, May 18, 2016 18:28:48

I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ episodes lately. For those that don’t know this is an American TV series which follows events at Kleinfield Bridal in Manhattan and also a Bridal shop in Atlanta, Georgia. The episodes follow the staff of the stores helping brides to be to find their perfect dress. I love weddings. I love beautiful dresses. I find people’s relationships fascinating. I’m always impressed how the staff handle difficult customers or assist with self-esteem issues that a particular bride might have (or their overbearing relations – what is with these people?!). The programme is generally upbeat and positive. Did I mention the gorgeous gowns? I’m sure you can see why this appeals to me.

I’ve always loved designing outfits, particularly dresses. My ‘Wedding Collection’ on Redbubble showcases some digital art pieces which may be suitable for wedding cards or invites but also some of my drawings of bridal couture. There are currently 7 dresses in the collection.

You can find the collection here:

I hope you see something you like
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