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Movie Dialogue

Writing Posted on Fri, April 26, 2019 11:42:28

“What is your favourite piece of Movie dialogue – ever?”

This question has been going through my mind since it
flashed up on a social media site a few days ago. Regular readers, you ought to
know by now (nice Robert Palmer song reference for my Dad there) I cannot
choose just one. I love too many films from too many genres to narrow it down
to a single line or indeed piece. I’ve narrowed it down to 8…

1. “Eugh, blue….pink!”

This is one of the final lines of Disney’s ‘Sleeping
Beauty’, spoken by Flora and it always makes me smile. After all the three
fairies have gone through with battles won and a happy ending in progress they
still cannot decide on the colour of the Princess’s dress. Personally I always
though blue suited her better.

2.“Behind this mask is an idea Mr Creedy…and ideas
are bullet proof.”

From ‘V for Vendetta,’ a film about revenge and
giving power to the people which I have always admired. The concept that an
idea cannot be killed as easily as a person rings very true to me.

3.“Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough.
Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith

From ‘The Dark Knight’. You might need to see the
film and the scene that accompanies these words to fully appreciate the meaning
but for me this about the tricky concept of ‘is the truth worth it if all it does
is cause pain?’ On occasion it is better for people to not know the entire
truth and easier to live with a lie if it solves a greater purpose.

4. “I can’t imagine you with all your complexity,
all your perfection, all your imperfection, look at you – you’re just a shade.”

From ‘Inception.’ The idea that memories, emotions
and imagination connected with a person cannot compete with the real thing.

5. “If, however, your feelings have changed I will
have to tell you, you have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love, I
love you and never wish to be parted from you from this day forth.”

From ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with Keira Knightley and
Matthew MacFadyen. I don’t do ‘mushy stuff’ but to me this is just pure and
simple emotion, an honest admission from a man who has completely lost himself
to a woman. Maybe not lost because they have found each other and balance each
other out but something deep and meaningful anyway.

6.“Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho.”

Yeah, well, I like the first 3 Die Hard films and I’m
thinking this is probably my favourite line but I can think of others

7. “You’re all clear kid now let’s blow this thing
and go home.”

‘Star Wars, A New Hope.’ The originals are the best.
I always feel a lurch in my stomach at this scene when you see the Millennium
Falcon come from the light to save the day, an amazing sense of excitement and good
vs evil. (I would like to point out I’m also very fond of R2D2s ‘Weeeeeeee’ in ‘Empire Strikes Back’
and Wicket’s ‘Choo cha’ in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ Slightly less meaningful lines

8. “I’m so grateful for your gentle heart.”

‘Snow Falling on cedars.’ Take tissues is all I will

Ask me tomorrow I’ll probably come up with some different
ones….what are your favourite pieces of movie dialogue?

Thanks for reading!

New Play Script: Transplanted – Out Now

Writing Posted on Tue, March 05, 2019 14:31:19

My new play script ‘Transplanted’ is now out and available
for purchase.

If you’re like me and like a ‘proper’ book where it’s got a
nice shiny cover, pages you can turn and that gorgeous smell you can purchase
the book directly through my publishers for £3.99 here:

If you are one of those modern people with a Kindle or Kobo (or
whatever other names they have now) I have given Amazon the exclusive rights to
the electronic copy. This is just 99p and available here:

I have been told that the 99p books get a lot more
readership because of the price and therefore more sales and word of mouth…we’ll
see. This is the first time I’ve used the Amazon Publishing services. It’s
worth a go!

As usual if you could please spread the word about my works
or maybe if you know this isn’t your type of thing consider purchasing it for a
friend or family that would be great. Poor struggling artist/author needs all
the help she can get!

Many thanks


2019 Publication Expected/Merry Christmas

Writing Posted on Mon, December 24, 2018 11:08:01

I am delighted to announce that I may have another
publication out early 2019. I have written another script which I have recently
acquired the ISBN for and expect the draft copy to come through by the end of
January. As usual the process of proof-reading and editing will take an age but
at least things are moving along.

I don’t feel this play is as emotional as ‘The
Musings,’ nor does it have as many light-hearted moments, however an idea
sprung into my head and the plot stemmed from there. This play raises questions
about what’s right and wrong depending on circumstances as well as a big one:
do we ever stop loving someone or does our love for them just change? I have no
idea either but that hasn’t stopped me writing about it!

As I type this it is approaching midday on Christmas Eve.
Thank you to all my friends, family and followers who continue to read my blog
and check in on my art and writings. The internet never closes so please feel
free to look at my various sites over the holidays:

Merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy, healthy 2019

Love Em x

Pink Ribbon

Writing Posted on Tue, December 18, 2018 10:26:01

Please click on the link below to access my latest written

I wrote this for my Mum a few weeks after she was diagnosed with a
horrible illness much earlier in the year. I was angry, upset and confused at
the time and I did not feel it right to release the work until I knew more
about what was going on. My Mum is now in remission (and now my Dad is falling
apart with some other bloody condition, I swear they take it in turns) so I
made the piece public a few days ago. As soon as I released it I suddenly panicked
that perhaps my Mum would be offended or think it was too personal to be out in
the big wide world. Thankfully she is a big fan and appears to be showing it to

So, here is ‘Pink Ribbon’:

Challenge: If You Won the Lottery…

Writing Posted on Fri, November 23, 2018 11:23:40

Once again I have borrowed/stolen this idea from my darling
Polly’s blog. She is absolutely rocking with great blog ideas right now! Maybe
I’m overthinking this but I think the answer to this question depends on your
long or short term plans and also the amount of money involved.

Long term: I would want to work part-time. I don’t think I
could quit altogether because I would miss the social element and let’s face it
money never goes as far as you think. 2 or 3 days a week would suit me fine. I
would use my other days to do writing, artwork, Lego, visiting friends and
family – whatever I felt like on the day really. I would want to give something
to my closest family and friends. It might be a sum of money or it might be a
gift I have chosen for them. I’m a big fan of gift giving and sending cards. I
would certainly go to the hairdresser, spas and get my nails done more. At the
moment this happens once every few years.

Short term: I would take a holiday and go on a shopping
spree. I would donate an amount to various charities.

If the amount won was moderate I would perhaps step
everything up a little. By that I mean shop at M&S as opposed to Tesco,
purchase more clothes from nicer more pricier shops, maybe get a slightly
bigger house, a slightly bigger posher car – I don’t drive but hey.

If the amount of money won was extortionate, well, that’s a
lot more interesting with my vivid imagination….

I would want a mansion such as the rich people have in the
period dramas. Somewhere like Waddesdon Manor would do very nicely. A sweeping
staircase and some nice grounds are essential (I’ve always liked treehouses and
fountains, maybe we’ll have both of those in the garden). I would want a
wardrobe full of exquisite ball gowns and cocktail dresses which I would wear
every night to dinner or dancing which I would be hosting in said mansion. I
picture a strange combination of the ballroom scene out of Beauty and the Beast
and the parties held by Jay Gatsby.
Refined not raucous. Good quality food, maybe organic. Large floral
displays. For the quieter times I would
like a library and an art studio in the mansion. I quite fancy having my own
art gallery although I have no idea why….

I did have a friend of mine offer to be my chauffeur once
which was very sweet of him and with not driving this would be extremely
useful. Part of me would still like a TVR (yes, I know they’re unreliable but
have you seen them??) or a Ferrari
(probably a 458).

It would be really nice to have an apartment in London. I
wouldn’t want to live in the Capital but it would be nice to have my own place
to stay when I do go there to see a musical, play or exhibition. I would also
want a room at Disneyland Paris. I wouldn’t need a suite but it would be nice
to just turn up at short notice and be given a room that feels like home. Who
am I kidding, every room in a Disney
hotel feels like home to me but a ‘usual’ room would be very nice. With
unlimited time in the park when the queues are short please.

I think perhaps ‘Material Girl’ by Madonna should be playing
as I type this. This is making me sound more materialistic than I realised I
was! It is a dream though and I’ve no doubt there are plenty of others who feel
and think similar but just don’t admit to it. I think really it comes down to
what Scarlett Johansson says in Iron Man 2: “I’d do whatever I wanted to do
with whoever I wanted to do it with.” In the end no matter how much money we
have that’s all we ever really want isn’t it?

Thanks for reading


Challenge: Your Top 10 Desserts

Writing Posted on Wed, November 21, 2018 13:57:35

Let’s be honest those that know me already know this is
going to be a list dominated by one ingredient/flavour, but let’s forget about
that for the moment, I might surprise someone somewhere. Even if I don’t you
might get some ideas as to where to head for your next great dessert.

1 Chocolate Fondant – I have had a lot of these
and a good one is beyond words. The best one I ever had was at a restaurant in
Oxford with my girlfriends. I’m not going to lie the main thing that made it
the best was that it was almost the size of my head and I’ve always thought
fondants were generally too small. I do not know if this is still the case but
the link to the restaurant is here:

2 Chocolate mousse – I prefer light, creamy ones.
The best one I ever had was in a little café in Paris, a milk chocolate mousse
served in a glass with a thin layer of solid dark chocolate on top topped with
a raspberry. Bliss. An excuse to go to Paris if you need one.

3 Profiteroles – I prefer ones with cream or ice cream inside
the pastry as opposed to empty choux buns with sauce and cream piled on top of
them which seems to be the way a lot of restaurants serve them now. M&S do
some delightful ones but I have extremely fond memories of some I had with my
partner and Grandparents in Sidmouth, Devon. What I liked was that the chocolate sauce was
milk chocolate and they are usually served with dark. Plus there was a lot of
it. Annoyingly I cannot remember the name of the place. Looking at Tripadvisor
it may have been ‘The Loft’ or ‘The Chattery.’ Of course it was about 8 years
ago now so it’s extremely likely the place would have changed names, owners or

4 Chocolate fudge cake – Stating the obvious.

5 Ice Cream Sundae – If you want to indulge in
really good cheap ice cream head to Austria. Because cakes are regarded as the
delicacy there you can get a cornet for one euro (or at least I did in 2013)
and I don’t mean the lacklustre half a scoop soggy cornets you get in the UK I
mean a decent size high quality one. The most unusual flavour I’ve had was Rose
or possible lavender. My weakness lies with honeycombe flavour and also hazelnut.

6 Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream – I prefer crumble
to pie, I just enjoy the different texture. Plus I find with a crumble they
have to give you more of the filling/warm apple. I have found with pies the
tend to hide lack of filling with the top and sides.

7 Eton Mess – Sentimental value on this one. It
was served on my wedding day. I do find it a refreshing summery treat on a hot

8 Chocolate brownie – A classic, especially if the
middle is nice and gooey. #

9 Lemon Parfait – This is the strangest one on the
list for me however I had a fantastic one of these at a friend’s wedding and
just thinking about it my mouth starts to water. I had an orange parfait a
couple of months back which was also very pleasant but you really needed
something to go with it wh

10 Milk and cookies – A homely comfort. Don’t
forget to leave some for Santa next month. Your sweet tooth twitching yet? There’s no end of treats in
the shops at the moment so what are you waiting for? Do you know what your top
10 would be. You never know my list may have changed by next week…

Thanks for reading


What’s Your Theme Song?

Writing Posted on Mon, November 12, 2018 13:54:52

As much as my favourite artist still remains Sara Bareilles
(that woman knows things) and if there was ever a film of my life or any of my
books I would want Ludovico Eunaudi to do the instrumental pieces I’m not sure
any of these artists tracks would be a suitable theme song for me.

complicated. I’m an extroverted introvert with an INFJ personality (look it up,
I’m rare!). I’m an optimist trying to keep my head above water whilst all the
pessimists try to drown me. I am constantly afraid, feel rules should be obeyed
but darn rebellious (sometimes for the sake of it) and determined to have my
say because I feel I am entitled to my opinions and, let’s face it, lots of
other people are just plain wrong. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks plus the
guilt that I feel it’s my sole responsibility to make the world a better place.
I know it isn’t, but I’m still trying. So I really feel my theme song should be
something that reflects my personality and some of the things I’ve gone through
as opposed to my favourite songs. I have
narrowed my theme song down to 2….

I’m Going Slightly Mad – Queen

Someone once asked me what song best represented me and I
didn’t hesitate to name this song. I have never felt normal, I suppose no one
ever does. Things have driven me mad in this world and I use the term mad in
the sense of angry as well as crazy. The song is upbeat and quirky. It could
quite easily be at any ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed party or similar.

Searching my soul – Vonda Shepard, theme song from Ally

I related strongly to the Ally McBeal series in my early
teens and, despite the fact a lot of the technology in the series appears dated,
emotionally it remains valid. Vonda Shepard was the first artist I went to see
in concert, this being her most famous song. However these are not the reasons I picked
this song. The lyrics are relevant to me and I like that you could interpret
them as positive and negative “I have
made mistakes in my life that I just can’t hide
.” It’s about accepting who
you are, looking for something better and not always being to escape your past.
Plus the tune is so catchy it’s hard not to sing along and break into a smile.

If you had to pick a theme song or two for yourself what
would you choose? Something to think about!

The Musings: Out Now!

Writing Posted on Mon, August 13, 2018 15:21:26

I should have posted this earlier and I am embarrassed that
I didn’t but I have been distracted by dogs and website technicalities.
For those of you who don’t know already my new book, the play script ‘The
Musings’ is now out. It is currently only available through
priced £3.99 but it is my hope it will be available at Amazon and other good
book stores within the next few months. I know of three people who have already
read it and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is the link to
the purchase page:

And to wet your appetite a little more here is the blurb: It’s
the evening of Sarah’s wedding and her three bridesmaids gather in a hotel room
as the reception continues downstairs. They have a problem – they can’t stand
Sarah’s new husband or understand the choices she’s made. Throughout the
evening the friends discuss how contentment can come amidst sacrifice and
uncertainty and that more than one of them has a secret to disclose.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would consider
purchasing this and giving it a read. If it doesn’t sound like your sort of thing
please consider purchasing it for someone you know as a gift. After all most
people spend more on their daily cup of coffee….

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