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Creative Update Feb 2019

Creative Update Posted on Thu, February 21, 2019 11:18:09

Possible 2019 publication:

No, I haven’t forgotten about
this but the thing is when you are waiting for your draft copy to arrive it
does actually help if you ordered one in the first place….so there has been a
delay. My own fault. The draft copy has now arrived and I can see a couple of
things that need tweaking. Stupidly it’s stuff I don’t think anyone except me
would notice but once you see something you can’t unsee it. And yes, I know
unsee isn’t a word. As a published author I am actually pretty bad with words,
it’s ironic. As well as tidying up the
play script I am in the process of writing another fiction story. It seems to
be going well but as I always say writing is like planting a seed. You’re never
quite sure if it’s going to bloom or not.


The problem with having a full-time job where I sit at a screen almost all day– apart
from the monotony and draining of my soul and not being able to leave because I
need the money – is that when I get home it is very difficult to look at a
screen again. My eyes and head need a rest. Sometimes when I have the
opportunity at home to do things on a screen I deliberately don’t but this of
course slows things such as publication and uploading photos down. This time of
year is always slow for photos: there’s not much open and the weather is poor.
I am considering (please note I said considering)
upgrading my camera this year which is a real pig because I have had a couple
of dodgy cameras in my time and it is a serious knock to my confidence if I can’t
get the images I want and the item doesn’t perform the way I want. Compacts don’t
usually offer the range I need and I don’t think I can be bothered with all the
faffing about with settings and lenses on an SLR so it’ll be a bridge. The
safest option of course is to stick to what I’ve got but the technology has
moved on quite a bit in the last 5 years.


Well, let’s be honest, I don’t really do this anymore.
The crafting of jewellery, button bouquets etc. has been replaced with dot to
dots, jigsaws, Lego and colouring in. Oh and looking after a dog and trying to
keep my sanity. I blame the dog. It’s okay, she can’t read.

Thanks for stopping by,


Creative Update March 2018

Creative Update Posted on Fri, March 16, 2018 10:30:39

I haven’t done one of these for a while so here goes…

Photography: I still continue to take photos whenever and
wherever I can. These are my most frequent creations and I am trying to update
Redbubble weekly with new images. I’ve been using my new laptop for about 5
months now and this makes it so much easier and quicker to upload and view

Crafts: I can’t see my pieces re-emerging in the foreseeable
future. Now I have my puppy to look after having tiny items such as beading
that can be swallowed is not a good idea! Things such as hot glue and clays
which are poisonous are also best avoided. Plus the button bouquets I made
which took so much time and effort have still not sold. I really need to look
at closing the Etsy shop and taking the link down on my main website

Art: Do dot to dots and jigsaws count? I’ve been doing quite
a few of those. In terms of drawing and painting sadly I haven’t had the time.
I have created some digital art pieces in the last few months though: Believe,
Blue Breeze Fairy and my personal favourite Infinity which you can view here:

Writing: Well, I have done some. Whether it’s fit for
publication is another thing of course. I like the idea of play scripts right
now, probably because I feel dialogue is where I’m strongest and with my
constant lack of time they flow pretty easily. I was toying with the idea of
doing something dog related but things with the pup seem to be ‘Aww isn’t she
cute, I love her so much’ or ‘Oh my God, she’s driving me nuts, why won’t she
shut up.’ Short book there!

Please do keep checking this blog, my website and Redbubble
for more updates, I really appreciate all the support



Some new images

Creative Update Posted on Mon, July 17, 2017 15:30:19

6 new images have been added to my Redbubble page over the weekend…just 168 that I haven’t managed to upload to go now! Please keep checking back to see my latest works at

I have also added some new images to the gallery on my website at in an attempt to keep it fresh. The website and blog have been renewed for another year. At least they should be as money has been paid!

Sadly I currently have no time for what I call ‘proper’ writing, art or craft. My books remain for sale at ‘What You Were’, ‘Falling Passed Orange Marmalade’, ‘Not Auditioning’ and ‘But Is It A Picnic?’

On an unrelated note I am relieved that my Dad’s operation which was earlier today appears to have gone well. I am grateful to have him in my life and recent incidents have emphasised this further. I’ll leave you with a link to one of my images of how I’m feeling right now:

Thank you for reading,

CreativeEm x

Nearly Half Way Through 2017

Creative Update Posted on Wed, May 03, 2017 10:18:50

Now that we are almost half way through the year (eek!) I
feel it’s time for another creative update…

Photography: I uploaded several new images to my Redbubble
page this week. I remain proud of my photos and love the products magnificently
produced by Redbubble that show these images. I still have around 200 photos (including
shots of Venice which I visited last month) that would like to upload but a few
at a time is the most I can manage. I hope you’ll pop by my portfolio at:

Writing: My latest book ‘But Is It a Picnic’ is now for sale
along with my 3 other books at my Author’s page
‘Falling Passed Orange Marmalade’ and ‘What You Were’ are also available at

Crafts: You will have noticed there haven’t been any craft
items available on the Etsy site for some time. This is unlikely to change
since the craft items take the longest to make and are not as popular as my
other products. Unfortunately I work full time which means it’s much harder for
me to dedicate the time I need to these ventures. I really envy those people
who work part-time and are able to do crafting every day and update their blog
20 times a week (how do they do this?!) Sorry
dear readers but once a week is a struggle for me!

Please continue to support your poor struggling artist and
author, it means so much to me

Thank you


2017 so far

Creative Update Posted on Fri, January 06, 2017 13:36:45

Hello Everyone and welcome to my first post of

I have to be honest my New Year has not got off
to the greatest of starts. I’ve been unwell with flu-like symptoms since Boxing
Day and it has drained a great deal of my enthusiasm and energy. Until I get back
to feeling like my usual self (which can’t come soon enough) I hope you’ll be
happy browsing through the artworks already online. I hope you’ve had time to
check out the main website
and also my Redbubble page
which showcases the majority of my artwork whether it’s photography, drawing,
painting or poetry.

You will have noticed there haven’t been any craft
items available on the Etsy site for some time. This is unlikely to change
since the craft items take the longest to make and are not as popular as my
other products.

My 3 books (2 novels and 1 poetry anthology)
remain for sale at Amazon and at my Author’s page
I am in the process of writing several other books but progress is slow and all
items are in the early stages. I never like to say too much about my written
works until they are close to publication so I’m afraid I’m not willing to say
anything further at present.

My creative talents so far this year have been
used on building the 4000 piece Lego Disney Castle that my Dad kindly bought me
for Christmas. I estimate I’m about half way through the construction. I find
following a simple step by step guide to click bricks together to create
something magical highly therapeutic. If only everything in life was as simple
and soothing!

Wishing you all a Happy January

CreativeEm x

Overjoyed: 1 Month, 8 Sales

Creative Update Posted on Sun, September 25, 2016 10:02:35

There were several things I was planning to blog about today but I have decided this one takes precedence because it’s a big thank you… I am absolutely astounded and overwhelmed to discover that I have had 8 sales this month! Thank you so much to everyone for their support and belief in me. I’m thrilled that people like my work so much.

It’s interesting to see that people are attracted to a range of products as well since the sales include a studio pouch, mug, notebook, sticker and throw pillow all in different designs. I think it’s great that people are actually taking the time to look through the range.

My weekend just got better, thank you so much to all my fans and followers, words can’t really express my delight

Much love
CreativeEm xxx

Collaboration with Half Baked Productions

Creative Update Posted on Sun, August 28, 2016 20:19:21

One of my oldest friends Polly Bartlett, owner of Half Baked Productions, has kindly allowed me to collaborate with her on her Facebook page so we can promote each other’s works. Polly is also assisting two of her other friends in the same manner: Clau Schwa and Becky Boylett. This is very much a ‘several creative people come together to support one another’ venture and I hope it will be a success. I’m extremely grateful to Polly for this opportunity (and for being in my life generally) and the fantastic idea. What’s great too is that because we’re all doing very different things we’re able to promote each other without being in direct competition with one another. So here we are:

Polly Bartlett: No relation to Jed Bartlet from the West Wing, (different spelling as you can see) although she wishes she was. Resides in Poole near Bournemouth, England and takes orders for baked goods, preserves, sweets and general snack items. Also makes some stunningly beautiful handmade jewellery. You can view her page here:

Clau Schwa: Makes handmade journals and notebooks, available on Etsy at
Strangely enough I had already put this page as a favourite of mine before Polly embarked on this collaboration.

Becky Boylett: Creates bespoke pieces of jewellery out of metal. Her Facebook page is Rebecca David Designs:

And me, you know me by now right? Author, artist, photographer.

My Art (Photography/hand-drawn and digital):

My books:

I also have an Etsy shop where I sell crafts but I haven’t posted a link to that here since I currently have nothing for sale on the site. Sorry, I’ve been rather busy with other things!
I hope you will all take time to look at the links above and make some purchases if you can…if not now then in the not too distant future

Many thanks

Bloggers Recognition Award

Creative Update Posted on Fri, June 24, 2016 19:06:30

I would like to thank my friend Karen Hubbard of the blog craftandothercrazyplans for nominating me for a ‘Bloggers Recognition Award.’ It’s always nice to be acknowledged and remembered. I hope that people continue to enjoy my works.

My blog is primarily to promote my creative works: photography, art (digital and hand-drawn), crafts and writing. My items can be purchased through Redbubble, Etsy, Lulu and Amazon. Of course I do sometimes express personal opinions and philosophy in my blog too, I would never want to be just a self-advertising page.

I understand I’m supposed to promote another 15 blogs but I must confess with working full time (at something which isn’t creative) and using as much of my spare time as possible to be an artist/photographer/author (take your pick, I’m all of them!) I have very little time for reading. It’s a shame I know and a disappointment for me. There is one page that I will happily promote/nominate though and that is ‘Everyday Aspie.’ This blog focuses on relationships through the eyes of Samantha, a woman with autism. Her posts are really positive, inspiring and interesting. They bring clarity to those who know little about autism and comfort to those who are on the autistic spectrum by making them realise they are not alone. I also recommend checking out her Facebook page ‘Everyday Asperger’s’ which has some really lovely inspirational quotes on it.


Thank you for reading

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