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3 Cards Sold!

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Fri, October 26, 2018 13:53:28

A massive thank you to whoever bought 3 of my cards earlier
this week. It makes me very happy to know that someone likes my work enough to
part with pennies.

Many thanks again and good luck to all those out there that
are trying to sell their own bits of creativity

CreativeEm x

Reindeer Departure with Elkhound

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Tue, September 25, 2018 13:24:53

Introducing the first Christmas card I have designed for
this year, featuring Saga. It is an original photo that I have made some
amendments to using Photoshop elements. I’ll let you decide for yourselves if
the reindeer are actually there or not….Yes, I know it’s early but all the card
shops I’ve been into this week have already got them out and with expected
delivery of these being 3 to 4 weeks it is better to be the early bird.

You can view the card here:×6

Redbubble are currently running a card offer:

buy 3 get 20% off = £4.29

buy 10 and get 30% off = £12.50

buy any 50 and get 35% off = £58.00

I am aware these cards are not the cheapest but they are
high quality and not to be found in any of your High Street card shops

Thanks for stopping by

CreativeEm x

The Key For Which Door: My interests in an image

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Tue, June 19, 2018 15:05:59

It’s quite rare for me to do digital art because it’s very
time consuming. Good old-fashioned photography is much more my thing. However at the weekend I created ‘The Key For
which Door’ which manages to encompass a number of my interests and hobbies in
a single digital art image. Allow me to tell you the story…

On Friday I was at Chatsworth House. I have only been once
before and it has a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. Firstly
it is a beautiful grand old house with amazing gardens which I love. Secondly my
partner took me there for the first time years ago as a birthday surprise
because he knew I’d always wanted to go. It is one of the nicest things he’s
ever done for me. Thirdly, and actually the main reason for point two, it is
the location that Jane Austen based her famous Pemberley on. You only have to
look at some pictures to see why but you need to visit to truly experience the

In one of the bedrooms at Chatsworth (there are many) I saw
a large collection of keys. Some were in cabinets, others mounted on the wall
in display. ‘The Key For which Door’ started off as a photograph of some of
these keys.

I have always loved old keys. Maybe it’s because they’re
more elaborate then the one’s we use today. Perhaps it is the mystery of what
they unlock or where they’ve been. I remember having some plastic keys as part
of a toy as a toddler and also a key brooch which, bizarrely, I think came from
Clarks shoes as a free gift with a children’s shoe purchase. Whatever the
reason I love magically looking keys.

Keys are quite commonly seen in the Steampunk costumes and
jewellery. Hats, clocks and cogs are more common but you get some fabulously
eccentric keys too. I love looking at Steampunk/Victorian style things, not
that I own many items sadly. Let’s face it there’s a limited number of days
when you can wear those sort of things. Eccentricity leads me onto another
connection, that of my beloved ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ There’s a whole section
featuring a key and the importance it has to the plot in terms of her growing
and shrinking to reach it to get through the door to the garden.

By adding a filter affect and doing some cropping and
playing my original photo looks very much like a Tenniel illustration from the
original Alice in Wonderland books. It also adds an old fashioned feel and the
spiral shape is reminiscent of so many cogs, wheels and machines in the Steampunk

So there you have it. There’s a lot of ‘me’ in the image. It’s
available to view and purchase here:

I do hope you like it. Who knows, maybe looking at this
image and thinking about it will unlock something in you?

Thanks for reading


Valentines Approaches (and yes it can be complicated…)

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Wed, January 17, 2018 13:22:39

Less than a month to go until Valentines Day, a selection of
cards designed by myself are available here:

I know Valentines isn’t everyone’s kind of thing. Personally
I’ve never understood the ‘oh we don’t bother because it’s only one day’ thing
because to me if it’s only one day (and I would like to point out that
Christmas and your birthday are also just ‘one’ day) does it hurt you to buy a
little card or trinket? To me it reads ‘I can’t be bothered to celebrate my
love for someone even if it’s only for a day and I’m going to use the excuse
that it’s too commercialised now.’ You don’t have to spend a lot of money…and
by the way Poundland do chocolates.

I am aware that Valentines can be a difficult time for
people too, if someone has passed away, if you’re in a long distance
relationship or if you’re single and don’t want to be. Sometimes you can be in
a relationship and still be lonely. So to you people I say celebrate your love
of something else this day. Do you love films, books, baking? Indulge in those.
Do you love your friends and pets? Perhaps try to spend some time with them. Treat
yourself to something you want. Love yourself a little – you’re entitled.

Thanks for reading,


New Work: Believe

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Tue, November 07, 2017 15:25:38

Absolutely delighted with my latest work which combines my
love of art and magic, also Disney and fairy tales depending on your
interpretation. ‘Believe’ is a photograph of a fairy statue which I have edited
using filters and special effects. Thanks to my Dad I now have Photoshop
Elements 14 so there is new editing fun to be had if required! You can view ‘Believe’

Please spread the word if you like it, remember all my sales
and publicity is simply word of mouth



Time To Consider Valentine’s

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Mon, January 16, 2017 13:49:58

With Valentine’s Day just under a month away
(yes, I know, but we have to think ahead) please check out my card collection
and see if there’s a card that’s suitable for that special someone. You can
view the collection at
but don’t forget many of these images are also available on other products too.

My latest Valentine themed works are ‘Sealing
Love: The Strangest Places’ found here:

and ‘Together We’ll Make It’
which is a photograph with added text.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my
creative works


Skating, Silent and Glowing

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Mon, December 12, 2016 09:57:13

I’m promoting my latest Christmas card designs
today although admittedly it’s probably a little late for people to be ordering
them now. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to order them for next year?

one unedited photograph and the other two are photographs where the background
has been altered and text added digitally to increase the effectiveness of the
image. The latest Christmas cards are:

Skating Beneath The Wheel:

Silent Night: Bricks and Stars:

Christmas Glow:

I hope you like them, thanks for reading


Rockin Robin and Glittery Polar Bear

DigitalArt@Redbubble Posted on Thu, November 24, 2016 15:13:09

Today I would like to promote 2 of my new Christmas cards. Both are photos where I have changed the background, colour and added text. I hope they make someone smile. They are:

Rockin’ Robin:


All That Glitters (Polar Bear with ear-ring:

Thank you for stopping by


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