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A Happy Scatter List

Philosophy Posted on Fri, April 05, 2019 10:54:49

Following on from my previous post about mindfulness here are some
things to think about when you’re feeling low:

which made you smile, feel comforting and laugh with joy as a child.
Activities you’d get so lost in as a child that it was bedtime before you knew
Favourites; drinks, snacks, music, films, books, smells, colours, people, crockery,
flowers, clothes, blankets
Things that light you up and energise you.
Self-care stuff that you’ve always wanted to give a go, as well as the things
you do, but would like to do more often.

a ‘happy scatter’ list – things that make you happy that you can scatter
throughout your day or week.

are a few things on my list: chocolate, Disney films, teddy bears, soft blankets,
jigsaws, Lego, drawing, painting, photography, the colour teal.

on your list?

Friday Everyone, thanks for stopping by


A Bit Of Mindfulness

Philosophy Posted on Mon, April 01, 2019 16:17:59

It’s been a while since I posted because I have been out and about
a great deal over the last few weeks visiting people who are very dear to me.
Since the end of February I’ve been to Altrincham, Stoke-on-Trent,
Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford. It’s been fantastic.

I have been trying to live ‘in the moment’ as part of the
mindfulness mind-set I have been trying to adopt. I am making a conscious
effort to not dwell on the past and not worry about the future. This is rather
difficult because it is not my natural thought process. So much of who I am,
who we all are, is to do with what has come before us…and that’s good but we
don’t have to root ourselves there. We don’t choose where we come from but we
can try to adapt where we go from where we are now. The future, well, that’s
just scary isn’t it? As a natural organizer and planner it is hard for me not
to think about the future but I’m attempting to do so without attaching any
emotion to it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness
all of which have helped with my anxiety and general low moods. Some days are
easier than others. That’s not a failure, it’s just life. Nothing is constant
and if we can go about observing ideas and feelings rather than buying into
them we’d all be a lot happier. Sometimes we just need to quieten the mind.

I received a text message this morning from someone I hadn’t heard
from in almost 6 years. My first thought was ‘what a lovely surprise, I wasn’t
expecting that.’ My second thought was ‘She must want something from me.’ Then
it occurred to me just how sad that second thought was and it was pretty
critical of both me and her, probably unfair. Sometimes the mind cannot just
‘be’ it has to overanalyse. Like an untrained dog you have to attempt to get
thoughts to heel so you can take a walk de-stressed as opposed to it causing
you anxiety.

I re-watched the
‘Perks of Being a wallflower’ film this weekend. It is based on a book by
Stephen Chbosky. As well as being interesting and moving, some of the lines
have a great deal of philosophy, so I urge you to check it out.

I hope this post helps someone to become a little
bit more mindful, a little bit more peaceful in your own self. Remember whoever
you are someone loves you and be true to yourself

Thanks for reading,


Introverts Unite (Separately in your own homes)

Philosophy Posted on Fri, January 25, 2019 15:50:52

I have known for a while that I have one of the rarest
personality types in the world according to the Myers-Briggs personality type
system. If you have never come across this I heartily recommend you take a look
and if possible do the test. If this isn’t possible try to identify yourself within
the types. It can help you to understand yourself and other people. For me I
had a wonderful sense of not being alone (hey, there are other people like me
out there and we’re rare!) and also I am
not always good at expressing myself (published author, yes, I know the irony).
Reading my personality profile sometimes helps me with this.

I am very proudly an INFJ (Introvert, Intuition, Feeling,
Judging) which makes me extremely complicated and hard to understand. Here’s a
little bit about INFJs (in English hopefully):

INFJ’s are often referred to as the ‘Extroverted Introverts’
as we have the ability to switch onto a more outgoing side of ourselves when necessary.
I love doing things with my intimate circle…as long as I can recharge by
getting some alone time afterwards. An INFJ will tend to seek out truth and
meaning. Forget small-talk, it just doesn’t appeal. We are very good at interpreting
people. My partner often complains because I can usually get straight to the
sub-text of what people are saying and go into ‘psycho-analyse mode’. On the
upside I am pretty good at solving a crime drama. INFJ’s are people pleasers
making decisions primarily based on empathy. This is exhausting since we seem
to absorb other people’s emotions and problems to the detriment of our own
well-being. No wonder we are prone to anxiety and depression! We’re not good
with criticism and we’re deeply committed to our personal values. Although usually
reserved an INFJ will quickly assert themselves when their values are violated.
I find myself doing this regularly and on other people’s behalf. I was
described this week by someone as ‘the voice of the people’ which I thought was
equally amusing and accurate. I am not going to submit if I believe something
isn’t right. As an INFJ I like a straight forward A to B plan…and I have a
total freak out if this changes last minute. Actually, if it changes at all. So
as you can see life can be very tricky for an INFJ. This is just a brief
overview of course.

I found the most amazing website ‘Introvert, Dear’ a couple
of years ago and this has helped me to realise I am not alone in my weirdness
and complications. This website is for all Introverts but I recommend it for
everyone because Introverts will discover you are not alone and Extroverts may
learn to understand their opposites a little better. The link is here: and I do hope
it is of benefit to you and others you come across

Thanks for reading


Filling Your Calendar

Philosophy Posted on Thu, January 10, 2019 15:00:26

So how’s the New Year going to everyone so far? A bit hard
work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I absolutely adored the few days off I had late December
early January where I was on my own watching dvds, eating biscuits and doing my
hobbies (introverts unite separately in your own homes!). I uploaded a few new
images to Redbubble, (please check them out here:
) and did some writing (currently awaiting the 2nd draft of my new
play script) and built a large chunk of my Lego American Diner kit (currently
on stage 4 of a 5 stage kit, if you like Lego buildings I recommend). The other
thing I did a lot of was sleeping. I have never been a particularly energetic
person and have been tested for anaemia several times but never seem to have
it. Afternoon naps seem to do me the world of good. Unfortunately I cannot do
that at my office day job, I would get some very funny looks.

To try and maintain a sense of calm during my first week
back to tediousness (i.e. work and not being able to do what I want when I want
to) I have been getting some early nights and taking some baths. I’ve also been
attending meditation which does wonders for me. The people running the sessions
often put things into perspective for me and I thought I would share a story I
was told yesterday by one of the meditation teachers:

We always have a
calendar. At the start of 2019 we took the old 2018 calendar down and had a
flick through it. At the beginning of 2018 we had put lots of events on it,
days out, holidays, time with loved ones. We thought the calendar would be a ‘roadmap
to happiness’ with each event bringing us joy. Looking back, although we did
have some good times, there were many unfortunate events that were not on the
calendar because we could not for-see them. There was upset and heartache.
There are things in life we cannot predict. We now have a gap on our wall
awaiting the new 2019 calendar and although we feel lost without it; when is
that birthday, when’s the wedding etc. we have come to accept that filling a
year ahead, or indeed a calendar, is not necessarily a path to inner peace and
happiness. These things come from

I found this a really interesting view. I hope you get
something from this little tale even if you don’t fully buy into the idea. My
2019 calendar is ridiculously full already and I am looking forward to almost
all the up-coming events but it’s worth remembering that plans do not always
equal happiness….and neither to calendars!

They say the best laid
plans are made by mice and men…this plan was definitely made by a mouse – Rene
in Allo’ Allo’

Only a bold, brave
plan can help him now….and we do not have one – Mimi in Allo’ Allo’

Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

Philosophy Posted on Thu, December 20, 2018 13:14:42

Earlier this week I got to thinking about dreams and
achievements. I have never been particularly ambitious and I would say for many
years my aspirations were as follows:

1.Get Married

2. Own a dog

3. Have a book published

I have been extremely fortunate that I have been able to
achieve all of the above but others are not so lucky. Today I have become aware
of a charity ‘The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation’ which organises and funds
wedding for terminally ill people. I find this a very thoughtful and touching
cause. If I knew I was not long for this world and was not married I would want
to do everything in my power to have the opportunity to say my vows and have my
special day. It is the happy days that make life worth living and I think it’s
wonderful that so many people attempt to pull together like this to help people
achieve their dreams. You can find the website
I have no doubt the charity will be grateful for any donations. If donating
pennies isn’t your thing perhaps some of you out there are brave enough or kind
enough to donate an old wedding dress if you have one?

Thank you for reading


Maths Problems

Philosophy Posted on Thu, November 29, 2018 10:26:47

I’ve never been good at maths and never enjoyed it. I’m one
of those people that can’t understand why you need to use your head when there
are calculators. However recently I’ve come to the conclusion there are people
worse at maths than I am…

I’m going to start with the most recent example. Apparently
Take That are commencing their 30th anniversary next year. I am not
a massive fan but I did go to one of their gigs in Coventry once which was an
excellent show I must say. Now I remember Take That being really big when I was
about 10 and I am 34…so I make this their 24th year not their 30th.
I then thought okay, they clearly weren’t an instant success so they must have
formed before I was 10. According to Wikipedia the group formed in 1990 and
back then they weren’t Take That they were Kick It. So that would make it their
29th anniversary then…I am not quite sure what anniversary we are
celebrating? Assuming we are taking Kick It and Take That as the same group

This however is not the best example I have. The best
example I have is ‘Five Guys.’ I find this so maddening I may have blogged
about it before and forgotten about it but here I go again…I naturally assumed
the burger chain was called ‘Five Guys’ because it was owned by or started by
five guys. Makes sense right? Well it would
if that was the case. Here’s their story…the company was started by a husband
and wife team, so that’s 2. They then had 4 sons who joined the company,
(2+4=6) so that’s 6 and then a final son who joined the company…I make that 7
(6 +1=7). Seven guys, not five. And actually if we are being pedantic the
lovely lady wife isn’t technically a guy so that makes it 6. In fact pretty
much the only number we haven’t had is 5. I suppose you can argue there are 5
brothers but the company was formed well before all 5 of them joined. At one
point there was the father and 4 sons so 5 guys but then why is the wife being
ignored? I did read somewhere (although I cannot find it now) that 2 of the
people were actually business partners that came along and not actual
relations. I’m not quite sure what a difference this makes but in my mind it
still does. I also have an issue with their ridiculous prices but I have no
doubt they are good at counting their profits even if they can’t accurately
count to name their brand.

Then there’s that story about the 17 camels and the man who
died leaving them to his 3 sons and they couldn’t accurately divide the camels
as mentioned in the will and then they went to the wise man and it was all okay

So you see I have no faith in maths. Plus if Train A leaves the station at 9am at
50mph and Train B leaves the station at 9.05am travelling at 35mph I really
don’t care what time they will pass by each other. I live in England, the
trains are always late.

Thanks for reading,



Philosophy Posted on Tue, November 20, 2018 16:04:11

First of all I must admit that I have taken this idea from
my darling Polly’s blog:
because I thought this was a really interesting subject to talk about!

I consider myself extremely lucky in that I enjoyed the
majority of my time at Primary and Secondary school. My strengths since then
have not really changed: English, Art and, as my partner says, an affinity
towards all the subjects that don’t lead to jobs.

Like Polly I have several teachers that I remember fondly.
It’s strange how quickly people forget how much your tutors can influence you –
or not. My Grandad (Dad’s side) was a headmaster and said that a ‘C minus‘
grade on a report was teacher’s code for ‘I do not know this student.’ I had an
I.T teacher who proved this theory and I cannot help thinking his lack of time
and care is why I remain bamboozled by technology. Of course tech has come on a
bit since 1995-2000 when I was learning it! My peers in this instance were much
better teachers.

One of my colleagues had to go shopping today to buy
ingredients for his daughter’s food class. I hated food class because I was
taught by someone who resembled a witch sucking a lemon (this is actually how
my friend Karen used to describe our high school secretaries and I’ve never
forgotten it) who had no patience or understanding of me. It suddenly occurred
to me this may be why I’ve never enjoyed cooking or been brave enough to
experiment with food. Somehow I cannot see that changing now.

I’ve always enjoyed learning and gaining knowledge so much
so that I did several courses after High school including counselling (yeah,
ironic) and several Open Uni courses. I enjoyed them. Here’s my problem: I
don’t believe a single one of my qualifications has helped me through life.
Pythagoras, the make-up of sedimentary rocks and how to make fast food
packaging haven’t helped me at all. What I really needed were lessons in
understanding mortgages, how to deal with egocentric idiots and getting over a
broken heart. Things that would have helped me in life were not taught in my
school classrooms. I learnt the most important things from my family and friends,
sometimes not even realising it.

Would I be where I am today without my qualifications….well,
probably, yes, because there are so many different qualifications now and no
one seems to know what they are or what they mean and therefore what they are
worth. I know several people who have degrees that are not related to their job
or career in any way. Qualifications are basically a bit of paper to wave to
get you noticed…and they barely do that anymore because there are so many
people waving the same bits of paper.
There are exceptions obviously – I would not want an unqualified surgeon. But exams are a load of rubbish too nowadays
– I know this because I worked hard for my passes and got decent grades and
some others I know who are, shall we say, below par, took exams years later,
didn’t work at all and got higher grades. Remembering something and writing it
down on an exam paper is not the same as knowledge, skill or understanding a
concept. The way we are graded on these papers and judged by society for them
is inconsistent.

To summarize, I think learning and knowledge are good but I
think today qualifications are a waste of time and the education system is poor. I’m fully qualified in
emotional intelligence and Disney knowledge. I didn’t have to pay a penny and
my piece of paper is invisible. What’s not to love?

Thanks for reading


Taking your dog Christmas shopping

Philosophy Posted on Thu, November 08, 2018 12:59:49

Okay, not really Christmas
shopping. It’s rather looking at the lovely displays in the local garden centre
with your dog as you think it will be entertaining. Anyone ever done this?
Anyone planning to try this again? Nope, I’m not sure either! Here’s our latest

Step 1: Walk into garden centre.

Step 2: Quickly walk out of the garden centre and wander
round the car park aimlessly as you can’t remember when your dog last went to
the toilet and piddling in the car park is more acceptable than in the garden
centre main building.

Step 3: Try to admire all the gorgeous sparkly things as you
walk through the door.

Step 4: Realise that whatever you want to look at your dog
is pulling you away from it as they have found something more interesting.

Step 5: Realise that whatever the dog is more interested in (most
likely a smell) holds very little appeal for you.

Step 6: Walk around garden centre very quickly in an attempt
to wear your dog out – you can look at things properly in a bit.

Step 7: Remember that the dog has bags more energy than you
and to ‘wear out’ your dog will probably take until the New Year.

Step 8: Finally get to look at the lovely Winter/Antarctic

Step 9: Watch your dog knock over a pile of cuddly polar
bears on the edge of the display. Pick bears up and usher dog away.

Step 10: Stand and admire the gorgeous tree decorations.

Step 11: Realise that the majority of decorations are glass
(breakable) or wooden (chewable). Move away slowly before tragedy ensues.

Step 12: Look at all the pretty lights.

Step 13: Remember that lights have wires and dogs do not
understand about electric shocks. Move casually into gift section.

Step 14: Whilst considering all the gift options realise
your dog has found another cuddly toy which will get shredded any minute.
Distract dog hurriedly and place toy out of reach.

Step 15: Try to get some peace and quiet in the café by
sitting and purchasing a cooked breakfast.

Step 16: Get no peace whatsoever because your dog is barking
about the fact you have sausage and those dog treats just don’t taste as good
as a sausage.

Step 17: Listen to partner telling your dog he expects an
apology on the return home from the dog because dog has been so naughty.

Step 18: Feel amused and know this will never happen.

Step 19: Attempt to leave garden centre with dignity.

Step 20: Watch your dog attempt to eat a cactus on the way
out. (No, I didn’t mistype, I said cactus).

And I thought garden centres were supposed to be relaxing….

Thanks for reading,


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