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York Images Due

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Thu, May 23, 2019 14:11:40

I was in York over the weekend and took many photos, some of
which I hope are suitable to upload to Redbubble. However I confess I have not
even viewed these yet. This is partly due to lack of time but also the fact
that my eyes have been particularly dry and achey over the last few weeks so I
am trying to limit my screen time. I have eye drops and an eye mask but when
your day job (you know, the one you need to earn money as opposed to the one you
want) involves you sitting at a screen from 9 til 5 there’s only so much they
can do.

Anyway apart from that I think all’s good in my world right now so I
hope yours is too!

Features, features everywhere!

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Mon, March 04, 2019 13:02:06

There appears to have been a flurry of features on my
Redbubble account meaning people have taken a special interest in the images so
I thought I’d share them here:

Sing for me:
featured in ‘Love these Creatures’ and ‘Animal and Pet cards.’

featured in ‘Your Country’s Best.’

Tyntesfield Chapel:
featured in ‘Best of British Group.’

Magical Rooftops:
featured in ‘Preserving History.’

I am truly honoured and flattered that my work has received
so much attention over the last few days. To have my images chosen out of so
many of the fantastic ones submitted to Redbubble is an absolute delight and I
feel very proud.

Thank you to all those who continue to support my work. Please check back again soon!

CreativeEm x

Pail Flowers Featured

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Wed, February 27, 2019 10:58:13

‘Pail Flower’s has been featured in the Redbubble Group
Still Life Floral Arrangements. I am absolutely delighted with this news. You
can view the image here:

I hope you all like it. Happy Wednesday!


The White Stag

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Wed, November 07, 2018 15:33:47

latest photo upload includes a white stag which I spotted during our time in
North Yorkshire. Apparently these are extremely rare. Someone was kind enough
to comment on this image and told me the following: ‘For those
humans who encountered a white stag, there were often profound consequences,
sometimes stimulating great spiritual changes within a person. Sometimes these
encounters have been the trigger of great events leading to the creation of
nations and kingdoms.’

about white stags evidently span generations and countries. The symbolism of
such creatures always fascinate me. I’m big on symbolism, I have an entire book
on it. Traditionally the white stag has often been interchangeable with the
unicorn, a common symbol of Christ. Therefore in Christian symbolism the white
stag can sometimes be seen as a symbol of Jesus. The story goes that St Eustace
converted to Christianity after seeing a white stag with a cross between its
antlers. In many of the legends of King Arthur, the white stag is elusive and
hard to catch. It is the pursuit of the beast that represents humanity’s
spiritual quest, always searching for something just out of reach.

The Native Americans believed the occurrence of a white
animal was a huge sign of prophecy, a sign from the great spirit that a major
shift in their world was to come. Today of course we are more likely to
associate these creatures with the white hart pubs and Harry Potter’s patronus.
I confess I’ve always regarded stags as creatures of dignity, strength and
wisdom. The colour white I associate with innocence and purity (I’m not sure
whether this stems from seeing so many wedding dresses and christening gowns?).
Whatever you believe I hope the myths, legends and others opinions on the white
stag are of interest to you.

You can view my image here:

Thanks for reading,



Photography@Redbubble Posted on Mon, September 17, 2018 16:45:16

I have just returned from a week in Yorkshire. It was a thoroughly relaxing break with ample photography opportunities.

All was quiet there until a four legged furry
Norwegian Invader stormed all the English Heritage ruins, barking and digging at every
crevasse, jumping every wall, fearlessly clambering every step and rock…I refer to puppy Saga of course who remains a great source of entertainment and hard work in my life. I took around 1000 photos and I reckon 900 of them are of her doing crazy, cute or stupid things.

Anyway I hope to upload some of the best images taken, primarily those of castle and abbey ruins, to redbubble as soon as I can. I uploaded some images yesterday of some photos I’ve taken over the last couple of months. Please click here to enjoy them:

Thanks for stopping by!


Overwhelmed by Features

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Sun, July 01, 2018 13:36:26

I’m overwhelmed by the number of features I have received from the Redbubble Groups in the last few days. This has been a great confidence boost for me as it has been a difficult week. To be honest I think I have lost track of some of the images which have been featured but I have put some links below for people to view of the ones I can recall:

Lambs in Lake District Village

The Great Leonberger

Like Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist

Grand Staircase of Painted Hall

Quiet Picnic Spot: Fell Foot

I hope you like these images too.
Thanks for reading and looking,

Stowe Gardens

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Fri, April 20, 2018 09:56:41

‘Inside Saint Mary’s Church at Stowe’ has been featured in
the Architectural photography group on Redbubble. I’m delighted because it’s
such a lovely little church. You can view the image here:

‘Palladian Bridge: Stowe’ has also been featured. This is in
the Preserving History Group and can be viewed here:

I hope these images encourage people to visit Stowe gardens
as it really is a lovely place.

Thanks for stopping by,


Trotting Through Spring

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Mon, April 09, 2018 10:57:26

Admittedly with all the frost, wind, fog and other miserable weather forecasts it’s hard to believe that Spring is here. I assure you it is. If you look carefully you’ll notice those daffodils and blossoming trees. One of my latest uploads to Redbubble ‘Trotting Through Spring’ is proving popular at the moment. I hope you like it:

I hope these lambs have a happy life and I hope if you’re reading this you have a happy day

Thanks for stopping by


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