Following on from my previous post about mindfulness here are some
things to think about when you’re feeling low:

which made you smile, feel comforting and laugh with joy as a child.
Activities you’d get so lost in as a child that it was bedtime before you knew
Favourites; drinks, snacks, music, films, books, smells, colours, people, crockery,
flowers, clothes, blankets
Things that light you up and energise you.
Self-care stuff that you’ve always wanted to give a go, as well as the things
you do, but would like to do more often.

a ‘happy scatter’ list – things that make you happy that you can scatter
throughout your day or week.

are a few things on my list: chocolate, Disney films, teddy bears, soft blankets,
jigsaws, Lego, drawing, painting, photography, the colour teal.

on your list?

Friday Everyone, thanks for stopping by