My new play script ‘Transplanted’ is now out and available
for purchase.

If you’re like me and like a ‘proper’ book where it’s got a
nice shiny cover, pages you can turn and that gorgeous smell you can purchase
the book directly through my publishers for £3.99 here:

If you are one of those modern people with a Kindle or Kobo (or
whatever other names they have now) I have given Amazon the exclusive rights to
the electronic copy. This is just 99p and available here:

I have been told that the 99p books get a lot more
readership because of the price and therefore more sales and word of mouth…we’ll
see. This is the first time I’ve used the Amazon Publishing services. It’s
worth a go!

As usual if you could please spread the word about my works
or maybe if you know this isn’t your type of thing consider purchasing it for a
friend or family that would be great. Poor struggling artist/author needs all
the help she can get!

Many thanks