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Website due to close

Uncategorised Posted on Wed, July 31, 2019 13:05:30

For those of you who do not know already sadly due to rising costs the website will cease to be in a couple of weeks.

It is unlikely the blog will continue too since it is connected to the main site.

My books will still be available through Amazon and Lulu and my artistic works will still be available at

There is a ‘Journal’ section on my Redbubble page where I may start to add my crazy thoughts and feelings that would have gone on this blog instead.

Hope to see you there! Many thanks

York Images Due

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Thu, May 23, 2019 14:11:40

I was in York over the weekend and took many photos, some of
which I hope are suitable to upload to Redbubble. However I confess I have not
even viewed these yet. This is partly due to lack of time but also the fact
that my eyes have been particularly dry and achey over the last few weeks so I
am trying to limit my screen time. I have eye drops and an eye mask but when
your day job (you know, the one you need to earn money as opposed to the one you
want) involves you sitting at a screen from 9 til 5 there’s only so much they
can do.

Anyway apart from that I think all’s good in my world right now so I
hope yours is too!

Movie Dialogue

Writing Posted on Fri, April 26, 2019 11:42:28

“What is your favourite piece of Movie dialogue – ever?”

This question has been going through my mind since it
flashed up on a social media site a few days ago. Regular readers, you ought to
know by now (nice Robert Palmer song reference for my Dad there) I cannot
choose just one. I love too many films from too many genres to narrow it down
to a single line or indeed piece. I’ve narrowed it down to 8…

1. “Eugh, blue….pink!”

This is one of the final lines of Disney’s ‘Sleeping
Beauty’, spoken by Flora and it always makes me smile. After all the three
fairies have gone through with battles won and a happy ending in progress they
still cannot decide on the colour of the Princess’s dress. Personally I always
though blue suited her better.

2.“Behind this mask is an idea Mr Creedy…and ideas
are bullet proof.”

From ‘V for Vendetta,’ a film about revenge and
giving power to the people which I have always admired. The concept that an
idea cannot be killed as easily as a person rings very true to me.

3.“Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough.
Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith

From ‘The Dark Knight’. You might need to see the
film and the scene that accompanies these words to fully appreciate the meaning
but for me this about the tricky concept of ‘is the truth worth it if all it does
is cause pain?’ On occasion it is better for people to not know the entire
truth and easier to live with a lie if it solves a greater purpose.

4. “I can’t imagine you with all your complexity,
all your perfection, all your imperfection, look at you – you’re just a shade.”

From ‘Inception.’ The idea that memories, emotions
and imagination connected with a person cannot compete with the real thing.

5. “If, however, your feelings have changed I will
have to tell you, you have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love, I
love you and never wish to be parted from you from this day forth.”

From ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with Keira Knightley and
Matthew MacFadyen. I don’t do ‘mushy stuff’ but to me this is just pure and
simple emotion, an honest admission from a man who has completely lost himself
to a woman. Maybe not lost because they have found each other and balance each
other out but something deep and meaningful anyway.

6.“Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho.”

Yeah, well, I like the first 3 Die Hard films and I’m
thinking this is probably my favourite line but I can think of others

7. “You’re all clear kid now let’s blow this thing
and go home.”

‘Star Wars, A New Hope.’ The originals are the best.
I always feel a lurch in my stomach at this scene when you see the Millennium
Falcon come from the light to save the day, an amazing sense of excitement and good
vs evil. (I would like to point out I’m also very fond of R2D2s ‘Weeeeeeee’ in ‘Empire Strikes Back’
and Wicket’s ‘Choo cha’ in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ Slightly less meaningful lines

8. “I’m so grateful for your gentle heart.”

‘Snow Falling on cedars.’ Take tissues is all I will

Ask me tomorrow I’ll probably come up with some different
ones….what are your favourite pieces of movie dialogue?

Thanks for reading!

Flashmob Learnings

Entertainment Posted on Mon, April 08, 2019 14:13:03

On Saturday I took part in my first ever Flashmob with the
choir I am a member of. For those who
don’t know what a Flashmob is it is a group of people who suddenly assemble in
public, perform a song or dance and then disperse quickly. This was my first
experience of being involved in one and I just wanted to say that it was
absolutely fantastic. I got a real buzz from it and the crowd reaction was
amazing. I really felt I was part of something meaningful that brought people
some happiness (plus we were raising awareness for Cancer Research). Below are
a few of my observations from my involvement as I thought people might be interested

1. If it’s a warm day and people aren’t taking
their coats off they’re probably in a Flashmob – Yep, I know you thought people
were just cold (and they might be) but chances are these people are not
removing their jackets because underneath they are wearing their choir
uniforms. We had a specific ‘reveal’ moment and were not allowed to take our
jackets off until that time. This is for maximum impact so the audience do not
suspect anything beforehand.

2. If people are clutching at their jacket zips
they could be in a Flashmob – See above. My friend and I noticed this before
one of our performances. Because no one wants to mess up the co-ordination or
the ‘big reveal’ moment of showing off the choir uniform people seem to
unwittingly fiddle with the fastenings on their outer clothes just before the
performance. Sub-consciously people are thinking ‘I need to take this off soon
and do it quickly, therefore I’ll keep hold of the zip so I don’t mess it up.’

3. The same colour trousers – We all had to wear
black trousers as part of our choir uniform and when you know this it’s hard
not to notice all the other people you suspect are involved by their wearing of
black trousers (particularly if they’re wearing coats as well, see above, and
are all mulling about in the same area). If the event was on a weekday I think
this would be less conspicuous but on a weekend when most people are wearing
jeans and joggers black trousers do tend to stand out. In saying that I don’t
think it’s usual to go round staring at the colour of people’s trousers…

4. We are rehearsed – Okay, not every Flashmob is
rehearsed but most of them are. We’d been learning the lyrics and dance moves
to the song for several weeks and had 2 brief rehearsals the week prior to the

5. It’s hard to keep it a secret – This is partly
because all involved are so excited about it but also because you recognise
other people from your choir mulling about before the performance. Ideally
you’re supposed to pretend not to know them so the Flashmob looks spontaneous.
There are knowing looks and clicks and winks. Other times I saw choir members
openly hug and chat to each other…as you normally would if you bump into a
friend in the street.

6. You get itchy feet – Like most performances
there gets a point where people just ‘want to get on with it.’ About ten
minutes before we knew we were due to start most people were rearing to go.
That’s also the time when the nerves and adrenaline kick in. People start
hopping from one foot to the other and getting twitchy at every little sound in
case that sound happens to be the cue to start.
In fact at one of the performances a large group of people started
early, they were too impatient to wait for the official start!

7. Whoever starts off is darn brave – I have the
most amazing choir leader who is a phenomenal singer. She started the music off
and began the Flashmob by singing solo and we all joined in gradually. Our
Flashmob was in a city centre station with hundreds of people there. I know she
has done many performances before but still, what a woman.

8. Stare all you want, we probably won’t notice – I
am well aware that there were lots of people watching, photographing and
filming us but to be honest the choir members were having such a great time
singing, dancing and watching instructions from the choir leader it barely
registered. We were all very much lost in the moment.

9. We’re grateful for any applause even if we dash
off – I was expecting a sort of stunned silence after the performance but we
were all delighted to receive a round of applause and many cheers and happy
whoops. However as explained earlier the idea afterwards is to disperse quickly
and merge back into the crowd as quickly as we appeared. We arrive and leave in
a ‘flash.’ So it’s not that we don’t
love the love you give us it’s that we ned to vanish to create effect. I was
very moved and proud of the audience reaction we received.

10. It’s addictive – I was meant to take part in 2 Flashmobs
but was enjoying it so much I actually gatecrashed a later one and I was not
the only one to do so! Several people were saying that they really wanted to
come back the following week and do it all again, others were saying they
wished it was a regular occurrence. I really hope I get to take part in
something like this again and if you get the opportunity I encourage you to do
so too!

Thanks for reading

A Happy Scatter List

Philosophy Posted on Fri, April 05, 2019 10:54:49

Following on from my previous post about mindfulness here are some
things to think about when you’re feeling low:

which made you smile, feel comforting and laugh with joy as a child.
Activities you’d get so lost in as a child that it was bedtime before you knew
Favourites; drinks, snacks, music, films, books, smells, colours, people, crockery,
flowers, clothes, blankets
Things that light you up and energise you.
Self-care stuff that you’ve always wanted to give a go, as well as the things
you do, but would like to do more often.

a ‘happy scatter’ list – things that make you happy that you can scatter
throughout your day or week.

are a few things on my list: chocolate, Disney films, teddy bears, soft blankets,
jigsaws, Lego, drawing, painting, photography, the colour teal.

on your list?

Friday Everyone, thanks for stopping by


A Bit Of Mindfulness

Philosophy Posted on Mon, April 01, 2019 16:17:59

It’s been a while since I posted because I have been out and about
a great deal over the last few weeks visiting people who are very dear to me.
Since the end of February I’ve been to Altrincham, Stoke-on-Trent,
Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford. It’s been fantastic.

I have been trying to live ‘in the moment’ as part of the
mindfulness mind-set I have been trying to adopt. I am making a conscious
effort to not dwell on the past and not worry about the future. This is rather
difficult because it is not my natural thought process. So much of who I am,
who we all are, is to do with what has come before us…and that’s good but we
don’t have to root ourselves there. We don’t choose where we come from but we
can try to adapt where we go from where we are now. The future, well, that’s
just scary isn’t it? As a natural organizer and planner it is hard for me not
to think about the future but I’m attempting to do so without attaching any
emotion to it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness
all of which have helped with my anxiety and general low moods. Some days are
easier than others. That’s not a failure, it’s just life. Nothing is constant
and if we can go about observing ideas and feelings rather than buying into
them we’d all be a lot happier. Sometimes we just need to quieten the mind.

I received a text message this morning from someone I hadn’t heard
from in almost 6 years. My first thought was ‘what a lovely surprise, I wasn’t
expecting that.’ My second thought was ‘She must want something from me.’ Then
it occurred to me just how sad that second thought was and it was pretty
critical of both me and her, probably unfair. Sometimes the mind cannot just
‘be’ it has to overanalyse. Like an untrained dog you have to attempt to get
thoughts to heel so you can take a walk de-stressed as opposed to it causing
you anxiety.

I re-watched the
‘Perks of Being a wallflower’ film this weekend. It is based on a book by
Stephen Chbosky. As well as being interesting and moving, some of the lines
have a great deal of philosophy, so I urge you to check it out.

I hope this post helps someone to become a little
bit more mindful, a little bit more peaceful in your own self. Remember whoever
you are someone loves you and be true to yourself

Thanks for reading,


New Play Script: Transplanted – Out Now

Writing Posted on Tue, March 05, 2019 14:31:19

My new play script ‘Transplanted’ is now out and available
for purchase.

If you’re like me and like a ‘proper’ book where it’s got a
nice shiny cover, pages you can turn and that gorgeous smell you can purchase
the book directly through my publishers for £3.99 here:

If you are one of those modern people with a Kindle or Kobo (or
whatever other names they have now) I have given Amazon the exclusive rights to
the electronic copy. This is just 99p and available here:

I have been told that the 99p books get a lot more
readership because of the price and therefore more sales and word of mouth…we’ll
see. This is the first time I’ve used the Amazon Publishing services. It’s
worth a go!

As usual if you could please spread the word about my works
or maybe if you know this isn’t your type of thing consider purchasing it for a
friend or family that would be great. Poor struggling artist/author needs all
the help she can get!

Many thanks


Features, features everywhere!

Photography@Redbubble Posted on Mon, March 04, 2019 13:02:06

There appears to have been a flurry of features on my
Redbubble account meaning people have taken a special interest in the images so
I thought I’d share them here:

Sing for me:
featured in ‘Love these Creatures’ and ‘Animal and Pet cards.’

featured in ‘Your Country’s Best.’

Tyntesfield Chapel:
featured in ‘Best of British Group.’

Magical Rooftops:
featured in ‘Preserving History.’

I am truly honoured and flattered that my work has received
so much attention over the last few days. To have my images chosen out of so
many of the fantastic ones submitted to Redbubble is an absolute delight and I
feel very proud.

Thank you to all those who continue to support my work. Please check back again soon!

CreativeEm x

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